lunes, 9 de enero de 2012

A dizzying Mask prodigious love ....

A dizzying Mask prodigious love ....
A whirlwind of sensations referred to the depths of me.

In a second clouds my view, I despair! will dive!? or a new love! but who is this?

A lofty vision of domination?, An essence burócrota ?(...)

Sex, pleasure, or a quest for continuity? ... A look diffuse itself, the height of my life, or just a fruit ripening will not find.

I do not understand! happens to me, maybe it's time patir?

The equities ?(...) amorrr sentimental, or perceptions animals?

There are none so blind as those who do not want to see, and the deluded person is not left wanting.

I will be a bootlicking porbre?, Rich in love? , Or a cannibal hopeless?.

Tell me ... My female copulation or my life and my reason.

Take off that mask mare! You're a horse with no other horizon than the linear view?
a slave society, a government soldier?.

Maybe you're just looking for my ragweed coital or my unconditional support?

Put that fucking mask, sees slavery ignorance, social injustice but
If your heart permits, (perceives Amore).

Let love, smell desire, Does touching? ... love ... Listen to my lips ... "Carpe Diem", "no hymen carpe"! "Carpe Amoris" .. throw yourself into my arms my candy recubieto, armored in a weak
brazoz perceptible barrier to cross, with a desirable body, addicted to you, but weak, with a center to meet, learn and learn ...

"The distances are not an impediment to two hearts united by something more than two bodies
separate and problems are the walls that tests the fervor, the love and bond between two animals or two people "

(Echo by a good friend mui always been for me ... when you need it, I have many years with it, it's about me and my light and the person who makes me go through each day ... hopefully a kiss for read it someday ....)

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